Zackshine Westie Kennel

Strict selection of West Highland White Terrier
with passion and professionality


Zackshine Westie Kennel

Stud dogs from the most important bloodlines guarantee the right type and the temperament of my puppies.

Zackshine Westie Kennel

Dog shows? “The test of my work”


Zackshine Westie Kennel

My aim is to breed typical, healthy and well balanced Westies


Westies Kennel






West Highland White Terrier Kennel
recognized ENCI FCI

Zackshine by Francesco Zaccariello


Allevamento West Highland White Terrier



My aim is to breed typical, healthy and well balanced Westies.

I look for strong and beautiful heads, compact but functional bodies and a really wiry coat in my dogs. Dogs built so they excel in movement.
Allevamento Westie Napoli



The research to find the right bloodlines led me many times abroad focused on getting the right type whose characteristics i am looking for now in my dogs.


Allevamento Westie Caserta



The Enci/Fci dog shows is the place where the breeder can test his or her work by allowing expert judge to criticise his or her homebred dogs.
The results are not only the success of the breeder, but they are a guideline on how  to proceed with their task of improvement


Allevamento Westie Napoli



My commitment is to take excellent care of my dogs: the proper nutrition and extreme hygiene. My dogs are part of my life, they live close to me and they are daddy’s children. Breeding is not my profession but a big passion and I entrust my pups only if I think the families are definitely ready to get them with Love and Dedication.




Here you can find my news about Show Results and Latest Puppies



International dog show Frosinone

The first IDS Frosinone is over with great results: Magic Bruno Banani vom Maerchengarten got Cac, Cacib, Bob and Res BEST OF GROUP Breed and group judge Birgitta Hasselgren Thanks for precious help to Irene Cavallini

Great news from US Bucks/Trenton Weekend

Great news from US Bucks/Trenton Weekend 🇺🇸 Zackshine High & Mighty offspring,Atom de la'Pomme finished his American title and ended the weekend going Best of Breed at the specialty. Thank you Rebecca S Cross and Sini Koivisto for great work. Atom is bred and owned by...

Zackshine Peter Pan litter

Cuccioli - Zackshine Peter Pan Magic Bruno Banani vom Maerchangarten X Zackshine Miracolandia Aged 7 weeks old 538...

Shows Reggio Emilia March 2016

It has been a really succesful weekend @ 3xIDS Reggio Emilia, Killynether Kolumbo aka Robbie achived 3xCac, 3xCacib, 3xBob, 1xBog3 and Crufts qualified. Thanks Roberto Eleuteri for grooming Robbie and precious Elisabetta Biribo for helping in conditioning him sunday....

Club show Pisa June 2016

Club show Pisa June 2016 Killynether Kolumbo got 2 ecc and res Cac Thanks to my team work Elisabetta Biribo for grooming and conditioning him to perfection. Robbie is cowned and bred by Pat Molony. Hope I will get a better quality pic to put on. Judge Gyr Pedersen 575...

Zackshine Detectives litter

I am pleased to announce the arrival of a new litter Zackshine Killynether Kolumbo CMO 0 X Killynether kentucky Woman CMO 0 590 Salva Salva Salva  ...

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